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At the core of every project, our commitment to quality, affordability, and sustainability drives us forward. We develop quality homes in diverse communities, specializing in affordable multi-family housing (30%-80% of AMI) and workforce/attainable housing (80%-120% of AMI). Our comprehensive approach meets housing needs and promotes accessibility.


Crafting mixed-income and mixed-use developments, we thrive in both urban and suburban environments. Prioritizing sustainability, we utilize renewable energy sources like solar and geothermal systems for long-term cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Specializing in brownfield redevelopment, we transform underutilized land into safe, thriving communities. Embracing adaptive reuse, we seamlessly blend the past with modernity, creating sustainable spaces that honor history while meeting the needs of residents.


We assemble teams of specialists who bring expertise and innovation to every stage of the development process. We focus on carefully selecting project locations that align with our mission and community needs, assessing neighborhoods for positive impact, and ensuring responsible acquisition to respect local environments and dynamics. Our dedicated team collaborates to enrich the lives of residents and contribute positively to the neighborhoods we serve.

project design

Transforming lives through well-designed spaces, our process emphasizes creativity and functionality in collaboration with architects, planners, and community stakeholders.

municipal entitlements

Crucial in our development process, we navigate municipal regulations and zoning requirements by working closely with local governments to secure permits and approvals, ensuring alignment with planning objectives.


We secure financing through diverse instruments and partnerships to ensure financial sustainability, making our developments accessible across various income levels.

grant & incentive funding

Actively seeking grant opportunities and incentives enhances affordability, allowing us to invest in sustainability and accessibility initiatives that benefit residents and the broader community.


Collaborating with skilled contractors, we ensure projects meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency during the construction phase, with a commitment to sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.

management & maintenance

Our ongoing management and maintenance efforts keep communities desirable and environmentally responsible for generations.


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