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Welcome to Eastlawn Apartments, a vibrant new addition to Midland, Michigan, offering a fresh perspective on community living. Nestled at 115 Eastlawn, this groundbreaking development is strategically positioned at the heart of Midland’s amenities, including parks, schools, and a state-of-the-art community center, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

With 204 meticulously designed units spread across seven buildings, Eastlawn Apartments is set to be the largest housing development Midland has seen in over 25 years. Catering to a wide range of income levels, from 30% to 120% AMI, we're building more than just apartments—we're creating opportunities for a diverse and thriving community.

Eastlawn Apartments promises an inclusive, mixed-income living experience with professional services to support financial empowerment for its residents. Embrace the convenience of living within walking distance to downtown and Midland’s retail corridor, in a neighborhood designed for walkability and accessibility.

Join us at Eastlawn Apartments, where community meets convenience, and discover your new home in Midland.

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