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Our Story

River Caddis Communities, born from the partnership of Kevin McGraw and Bill Demmer, founders of River Caddis Development, is a unique and intentional approach to community development. With a history of successful projects in eight states across diverse sectors, River Caddis Development has been a transformative force in real estate, addressing student housing, market rate housing, mixed-use developments, industrial, office, retail, and municipal needs. Recognizing Michigan's need for affordable housing, River Caddis Communities emerged as a specialized branch, committed to providing high-quality, affordable housing solutions. We've built partnerships, formed specialized teams, and embraced innovative solutions to create thriving communities. Today, our ongoing mission is to elevate lives, enrich communities, and redefine possibilities in affordable housing—one home at a time.

Our Values

We're committed to creating equitable communities and harnessing innovative solutions. Excellence is our standard, aiming to exceed expectations and leave a legacy of quality. Inclusivity is key, celebrating diversity and creating spaces where every voice matters. Our values serve as the compass, guiding our mission to elevate lives while empowering a better future for all.


We create lively communities, fostering a sense of belonging, not just structures.


Committed to fairness, we strive for equal access to affordable housing opportunities for all.


We focus on eco-friendly practices to minimize our carbon footprint in every community we operate in.


We believe in the power of our partnerships, bringing together diverse talents to create the most innovative solutions possible.


Holding ourselves to the highest standards, we deliver quality developments that exceed expectations.

Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals who make River Caddis Communities a success. Each member of our team brings unique skills and expertise to the table, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results for the communities we work with.

Our responsibility

At River Caddis Communities, our promise is a commitment to enrich lives, transform communities, and leave a legacy of positive change. Rooted in our unwavering dedication, we build more than structures—we build futures, transform lives, and elevate communities. Our core values guide us to make a meaningful impact, measuring our progress through specific metrics and goals, each accompanied by a narrative illustrating the essence of our promise.




At River Caddis Communities, we build sustainable and fair housing to enhance communities. Our goal is to provide affordable living options, making sure everyone, regardless of income, can find a home. We work towards creating vibrant communities that promote inclusiveness and a better future for everyone.



Fueled by our dedication to sustainability and teamwork, we strive to change communities and create a strong sense of belonging. Our vision is to lead in creative, specialized development using a solution-oriented strategy, leaving a significant and enduring impact nationwide.



At River Caddis Communities, we excel in teamwork and expertise. Our strategy for successful projects in the United States involves forming customized teams of specialists like designers, engineers, and contractors. With a solutions-focused mindset, we guarantee each project gets the right attention and knowledge, leading to valuable and sustainable results for residents, stakeholders, and the communities we work with.

affordable housing

Ensuring a significant percentage of our housing units are accessible to individuals and families below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), fostering financial stability.


Prioritizing sustainable practices, including widespread adoption of renewable energy sources like solar and geothermal systems, to reduce our carbon footprint and lower utility costs for residents.


Cultivating diverse and inclusive communities where residents represent a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, fostering vibrant community life.

resident satisfaction

Actively engaging with communities through regular surveys, feedback, volunteer initiatives, and community-driven projects to enhance resident well-being.


Prioritizing accessibility by ensuring developments comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and feature universal design principles, creating welcoming and functional spaces for all residents.

economic impact

Making a positive economic impact by creating job opportunities, fostering economic growth, and partnering with local businesses and organizations to empower residents.

long-term sustainability

Investing in the long-term sustainability of developments through rigorous maintenance and preservation efforts, ensuring communities remain safe, desirable, and vibrant for generations.

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